Our CozyPure “Caress” and “Embrace” Organic Latex Mattress models offer customized split comfort on both sides of the bed, along with our “100 Night Sleep Well Promise” so you can rest easy with your online purchase.

Most customers love their new CozyPure mattress the first night, but since natural latex foam rubber offers superior support, some folks may require an adjustment period. Like any new mattress, we ask you sleep on it for at least 30 nights so your body has a chance to adjust, this is especially true if you’ve never slept on latex. During this 30 day period the latex foam and quilting will also begin to break-in and relax to its true firmness.

If after 30 nights you aren’t feeling comfortable, please give us a call so we can talk about your concerns. One of the wonderful benefits of both the CozyPure Caress and Embrace mattresses is how we’ve designed them to last for decades with the ability to modify and reconfigure the comfort at any time. If you want it firmer we can fix that. If you want it softer, we can fix that too. We designed our mattresses with the hope it’s the last mattress you’ll ever buy!

You’ll never have the hassle of returning an entire mattress (or having to buy a new one) when you only need to switch or add layers to make your perfect bed. With over 30 years of experience in organic sleep, working directly with the consumer, we’ve developed a great reputation for both quality products and excellent service. We’re always here to help our customers and your sleep satisfaction is our #1 priority.

All of our mattresses feature a solid 6″ thick organic latex core for durability and proper support. They also feature a double-sided design with reverse-flip comfort so if you and your partner ever want it a little firmer, just flip it over! Our most popular configuration is a medium comfort layer which allows the ability to add a softer layer or topper… or flip it over for more firmness. That’s three comfort configurations in one mattress.

If it’s determined during the sleep trial (between 30 and 100 nights) that you want a firmer or softer surface, you can do a one-time comfort layer swap for FREE in the convenience of your home. Simply call us at 800.229.7571 to purchase your new layers, and once you receive them, unzip the top panel and swap the comfort layer(s), carefully removing the layers you wish to return. Use the bag and box from your shipment to package the return layers, then schedule a pickup with the prepaid return shipping label we provide. You’ll be issued a full refund for the new layers once we receive your original layers back in good condition, which must be returned within 10 (ten) days of you receiving the new layers. It’s that simple!


Why do I have to pay for an exchange if it’s free?
You’ll get a FULL refund of the payment once we receive the layer(s) returned back to us within ten days (we pay for return shipping, as well, with the prepaid label). Many of our customers decide to keep the original layers (just in case they want that firmness later), which is a great option, but to get a free exchange you do need to send back the original layers.

What if I want to make an exchange after the trial period?
If you don’t need to exchange a comfort layer during the trial period, you can do so at any time using our Lifetime Comfort Correction to purchase a different firmness at wholesale pricing (one purchase per side). If you used the trial to swap a free layer exchange, you can still purchase a different layer in the future but at regular pricing. Note that discounted layer purchases are for original owners only and do not transfer to different ownership.

What happens when I return a layer during the trial?
We’ll issue a full refund for the replacement layers once we receive and inspect them. They must be returned within 10 days after receiving the new layers in undamaged sanitary condition with the original GOLS certification identification labels untampered and still affixed on the latex layer.

Do I have to assemble the mattress myself?
Unlike most modular latex mattresses, CozyPure mattresses come completely assembled and ready to enjoy right out of the box. Because of the high quality components in our mattresses we do not compress them like the bed-in-a-box companies so there is no need to wait for them to expand. We also use no petroleum foams or other chemicals so you don’t have to wait for your mattress to off-gas. You can enjoy it immediately!

My partner and I have different comfort preferences. Is there an extra charge to split the firmness selection on both sides of the mattress?
All CozyPure Queen and King size mattresses (Caress and Embrace models) come with my-side-your-side custom comfort at no additional cost. If both sleepers (or only one) ever needs to change the comfort on their side, it’s never a problem… 3 months, 5 years or 10 years later.

How does delivery work for the mattress? Do you offer White Glove?
We offer free curbside delivery on all mattresses. If you want White Glove inside delivery and setup (which we highly recommend for Queen and especially King sizes because solid latex beds are heavy), we charge a low fee of only $150 for this service.

Is the left side or the right side “my side”?
Great question! Standing at the FOOT of your mattress, determine what side you and your partner sleep on. Are you on the left side or the right side? Please order accordingly. Once you receive your mattress, position it so the COZYPURE embrodiery is upright and at the foot of the bed so your custom comfort will be accurate. If you need assistance, please give us a call at 1-800-229-7571 during normal customer service hours Monday through Friday 10 AM to 6 PM EST. We’ll be happy to help!

READ MORE FAQS HERE: https://cozypure.com/faqs-about-cozypure-mattress/

CozyPure has been delivering organic mattresses via mail-order since the early 1990’s (yes, over 30 years!), and we want to share our experience to help you select the perfect organic sleep system. We’re always here to help with questions and assist you because just like any intimate relationship – WE’RE COMMITTED TO YOU – and we want you to love sleeping with us.


Don’t lose sleep over changes that can be corrected.


Turn it over for a little more firmness.