The CozyPure sleep experience is unlike any other on the market. With years of experience and a genuine concern for the quality of sleep that each CozyPure customer receives, the process of getting your sleep system is a very personal one. So, things may take a little longer from the moment you place your order until the time your order arrives at your home.   

The difference between made-to-order quality and just another sleep system is CozyPure, where organic comfort is Made Fresh Daily.

We’re only interested in treating customers to the finest organic mattresses and bedding imaginable. Whether you come into our breathtaking showroom or order online, we immediately go to work with your ultimate satisfaction in mind. Our team personally creates your CozyPure products, based on your needs and specifications. We deliver your mattresses and bedding with a person in mind, not just a number.

You won’t get CozyPure products delivered as quickly as Amazon, but they are worth the wait. Our artisans are handcrafting your sleep experience making everything fresh every day. And what do you get for that little bit of extra time necessary to get your outrageous organic sleep experience? Well, ask yourself, what’s the difference between getting a fast food burger off an assembly line versus having a seven-course meal at a five-star restaurant? The answer is one is fast and forgettable and the other is an experience you’ll cherish for a long time. CozyPure is the bedding equivalent of a five-star restaurant.


Shop below and we will begin creating your handmade, uniquely yours, made-to-order masterpiece! The most luxurious organic bedding products made in the USA from mattresses to pillows can be found right here at CozyPure.