What if I want to make an exchange after the trial period? After the 100-night trial, we’re still there for you! CozyPure will assist you anytime you decide on a comfort change. Our Lifetime Comfort Correction® Policy* allows you to purchase a different firmness at discount wholesale pricing**. If you used the 100-night trial for a free layer exchange, you could still purchase a different layer in the future but at regular pricing.

*Discounted layer purchases are for original owners only and not transferable.**One discount wholesale purchase per side.

What happens when I return a layer during the trial? We’ll issue a full refund for the replacement layers once we receive and inspect them. They must be returned in undamaged, sanitary condition with the original GOLS certification identification labels attached and intact on the latex layer.

Do I have to assemble the mattress myself? Unlike most modular latex mattresses, CozyPure mattresses come completely assembled and ready to enjoy right out of the box. Because of the high-quality components in our mattresses, we do not compress them like the bed-in-a-box companies so there is no need to wait for them to expand. We also use no petroleum foams or other chemicals, so you don’t have to wait for your mattress to off-gas. You can enjoy it immediately!

My partner and I have different comfort preferences. Is there an extra charge to split the firmness selection on both sides of the mattress? All CozyPure Queen and King size mattresses (Caress® and Embrace® models) come with my-side-your-side custom comfort at no additional cost. If both sleepers (or only one) ever need to change the comfort on their side, it’s never a problem… 3 months, 5 years or 10 years later!

Why don’t you have handles on the sides of your mattress? Back in the 1990’s we did have handles on our mattresses which were for simple adjusting of the mattress on the bedframe. We removed them because folks would use them to rotate, move or flip the mattress which ripped the fabric. We decided that was not a good thing! Solid latex mattresses are just too heavy to use fabric handles for rotation and flipping which cause the handles to tear the fabric, so we eliminated them from the mattress. Handles are not always a feature, just sayin’!

What is the lead time for a mattress? Lead time for production of your mattress may vary but typical turnaround is 3 to 10 days. Add to this transit time. Standard FedEx Freight with free curbside delivery is 1 – 5 business days once your mattress leaves our facility in Norfolk, VA. Optional White Glove delivery is available in most areas for an additional fee but will require additional time of approximately one or two weeks based on your location.

What is curbside delivery? Curbside delivery means your mattress will arrive via FedEx Freight and the driver will meet you at your curb and remove the mattress from the truck. At this point, you should have someone available to assist you with getting this inside the home. We package our mattresses (even king size) so they can be moved with a simple hand truck. Some FedEx drivers will assist you with this, but we can not guarantee it.

What is White Glove Service and what does it include? White Glove includes inside delivery and set up of your new mattress. Old mattress removal is also available for an additional fee. This service is available in most areas. In rare instances, remote areas may require additional time, an additional fee, or may not be available. If in doubt, give us a call and we can confirm. We will contact you if you order White Glove Service that requires any additional time and costs.

Which is your best mattress? At CozyPure, there is no good, better, best. Every mattress features high-quality components. We recommend a particular model based on the needs and sleeping habits of the individual. Height and weight are considered along with preferred sleeping position, as well as long-term comfort options.

Are your mattresses flippable? Yes, flipping is an option but not a requirement. Your CozyPure mattress is quilted with wool on the top AND the bottom. If you flip your mattress over, it will be firmer on the other side. We call this Reverse Flip Comfort. We designed this feature back in 2009 to allow our customers the option of two comfort choices in one mattress.

What makes a CozyPure mattress different from all the rest? CozyPure has been at the forefront of green living for over three decades! We are real pioneers in the organic mattress and bedding industry and we will continue our commitment to using only sustainable, natural and organic materials. You may not have heard about us since we don’t spend money on advertising, because we’re mattress makers not marketers.

Where can I read reviews on a CozyPure mattress? CozyPure utilizes Shopper Approved, a third party review site from real verified customers who made a purchase. We’ve never purchased reviews. We’ve never paid a marketing agency to pay people to give reviews. Our Shopper Approved Reviews are real reviews from real customers. Be wary of review sites out there; many are affiliate marketers who make a commission, or others like Yelp where reviews aren’t verified and the person may not even be a real customer.

How is a CozyPure mattress packaged for shipment? Your mattress will be folded in half and shipped in a large carton specifically designed to move our mattresses safely and efficiently. We do not compress our mattress because we don’t want to sacrifice the integrity of our high-quality materials. In fact, it’s much easier to receive our mattress versus a bed-in-a-box because a solid latex mattress is heavy, upwards of 140 pounds for a queen. Keep in mind that even though our mattress is not compressed, they are all easily moved with a simple hand truck. With that said, they are heavy, especially king sizes! We recommend unpacking from the box but keeping the mattress folded and in the plastic bag, then moving it to the bed frame.

Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska? Canada? Shipments outside of the contiguous US would be handled through a freight forwarder of your choosing. We do NOT make those arrangements but you may contact us for assistance with weight and package dimensions.

How much does a CozyPure mattress weigh? Depending on the model you choose:
Twin – 90-130 lbs
TXL – 100-140 lbs
Full 120-160 lbs
Queen 140-180 lbs
King 170-220 lbs
CalKing 170-220
See mattress product page for specific weights.

Return Policy? Our 10” and 12” mattresses allow for customized comfort layers which may be exchanged at no cost between 30 and 100 days. Please review our 100 Night Sleep Well program for more details.

Are replacement covers available? Yes, replacement covers are available for the original mattress purchaser. Give us a call for current pricing.

What about body impressions? The design of our mattresses incorporates the use of wool quilting. This will settle and could compress due to the weight and shape of the user and is expected. This settling or compression is not a structural or design defect but what we refer to as “nesting”. In no way does it affect the integrity, performance, or comfort of the mattress.

Warranty and what does it cover? Your CozyPure Mattress is covered by a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.

How long has CozyPure been making mattresses? We’ve been in the organic sleep business for over 30 years. We’ve forgotten quite a few things some new companies are just learning.

Can I put my mattress on the floor? Please do not place your mattress on the floor or solid surface. Our mattress is designed to expel moisture and needs proper ventilation underneath. (Be wary of bed bug and/or allergyencasements that could also retain moisture and cause mold.) If you need assistance choosing a foundation, give us a call . You can also read more about mattress support here: https://cozypure.com/proper-support-for-latex-mattresses/

Does the mattress need to offgas before use? CozyPure mattresses don’t have any toxic chemicals to offgas, so your mattress does not need to offgas before use. It arrives ready for you to enjoy out of the box.

How do I clean my CozyPure mattress? Your mattress is spot clean only. Vacuum the surface from time to time. For accidents or bigger stains, give us a call and we will advise you. NEVER put your mattress encasement in the washer or dryer as the organic cotton fabric and wool batting will shrink and felt.

Can I use my mattress on an adjustable frame? Latex is ideal for use with an adjustable frame.

What is the cover made from? The CozyPure mattress encasement is made from certified cotton and wool. They are handcrafted one at a time for exceptional quality.

Do you use chemical FR’s in your mattress? Never! Don’t need to and never have. We use organic wool to pass the Federal Regulation 16 CFR Part 1632 without harmful chemicals or fiberglass.

Can I get samples of your materials? Sure can.  Especially if you are prone to allergies or have chemical sensitivities. Give us a call and tell us where to send it. Free of charge, of course.

Can each side of my bed have different firmness? Yes, our 10”” and 12” mattresses allow you to have it your way and your partner can have it their way. Win Win! And there is no additional charge for this customized option.

What is the weight capacity? Latex will work for just about anyone. Heavier users will need a firmer feel while lighter folks may require something a little softer. Give us a call and let one of our seasoned experts guide you. If you are an extra large individual and need super firm support, please call us for an extra firm option (which is not available on the website)

Do you have retail locations near me? Our only location is on-site in Norfolk, Virginia. We decided years ago to remain factory direct thus enabling us to offer a superior product at a reasonable price. We skip the middleman markup and pass the savings on to our customers.

What kind of frame do I need? You’ll want to use a quality constructed bed frame. The larger mattresses require a sturdy center beam with supports that touch the floor. If wood slats are used, gaps should not exceed 3”. If using a solid platform base, it’s recommended that you drill some holes for ventilation. 99.9% of mattress problems are a result of not using proper frame support. Read more here https://cozypure.com/proper-support-for-latex-mattresses/

Can I use my existing boxspring? Usually no, since most boxsprings designed for an innerspring mattress are not sturdy enough to support latex. If your current frame requires a box spring, then you will want to replace that with a slatted wood foundation. It looks like a box spring but it is made with wood slats as opposed to springs.

Will WhiteGlove assemble my frame? The White Glove team will NOT assemble your frame. This would need to be in place before your mattress arrives.

Should I use a mattress protector? What kind? It is recommended that you use a mattress protector to keep your mattress clean and sanitary. Our bodies produce a lot of moisture as we sleep. A protector will absorb sweat and body oils and keep them off the surface of your mattress. Stains and soil will void the warranty. Both our Waterproof Knit Protector and our Strtech Knit Matelasse Protector are designed to work with latex and will not detract from the feel of the mattress.

Can I use with a heating pad? Yes, you may use a heating pad, however exercise caution as with any other heating appliance. Never lay the pad directly on exposed rubber. Because we use wool in our surface quilting most folks find they don’t need additional heating since wool is temperture regulating. Especially in combination with our wool comforter!

Are there any discounts? We strive to make quality latex mattresses accessible to everyone and our prices reflect current raw material supplies and transportation costs. Sometimes we have to raise prices but it is not unusual for us to lower them as well. You can always count on getting the finest product available at a fair price. We both win! And after you purchase a CozyPure mattress you become a member of our Cuddle Up Club and receive lifetime discounts of 20% off CozyPure bedding.

What are the dimensions of your mattress? Our mattresses are crafted in standard US sizes:
Twin 39×75
TXL 39×80
Full 54×75
Queen 60×80
King 72×80
Cal King 76×84

Do your mattresses pass the Federal Flammability Test? Yes, we passed with flying colors using only wool. No fiberglass, no chemicals, no PBDEs !

How do I know which mattress is right for me? If in doubt, give us a call and let one of our experts help you choose. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years!

Where do you get your latex? Our latex components are from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka plantations where the premium Grade-A rubber is harvested. We have a long-standing direct partnership with the rubber plantation and don’t use distributors, so our organic latex is always consistent to our specifications.

Dunlop or Talalay? We use Dunlop exclusively at CozyPure. Talalay is a nice material but it is not available with organic certification.

Do you offer financing? We do not offer in-house financing but you may checkout through PayPal Credit for financing.

What is Lifetime Comfort Correction? Injury, age and weight changes may indicate that your mattress needs adjusting. Just call us to order a 3” comfort layer at a one-time only low wholesale cost. Whether it’s 10 months or 10 years, we’ve got you covered.