EKOnomic Noodle Pillow


EKOnomic Noodle Pillow

Filled with a proprietary blend of Oeko-Tex-100 latex foam noodles that’s free of harmful substances, our EKOnomic pillow provides great ergonomic latex support. The free-flowing noodles allow for supple softness that uniquely cradles your head and neck, without going flat.

Our EKOnomic Pillow

Outside covering is organic cotton stretch-knit fabric (pattern may vary) to enhance the breathability and performance of the hybrid latex foam filling. This blend of latex is less costly for those on a budget, but still highly-resilient and passes the health standards of Oeko-Tex and EuroLatex, both leading independent textile emission testing institutions for safety. If you prefer non-hybrid noodles, check out our original LaNoodle Pillow, a customer favorite for 15 years.

Materials and Production of the EKO Pillow

There are two ingredients in our EKOnomic Pillow, latex and organic cotton! On top of that, our blankets are handcrafted with LOVE in our Virginia workshop.


Direct from the Rubber Tree.
Latex blend of Oeko-Tex noodles.
Free of harmful substances.


No Synthetic Blends or Chemicals.
Breathable, Soft Fabrics and Batting.
Sustainable. Renewable. Organic.


Hand-crafted with Love.
Workshop located in Norfolk VA.
Made in the USA.

Benefits of the EKO Pillow

  • Latex rubber noodle blend


  • Breathable organic cotton casing


  • Sustainable and long lasting


  • Hypoallergenic & mold, mildew, and dust-mite resistant



  • Eco-friendly, natural, chemical free

EKO Pillow Approximate Sizing

Standard – 20” x 25″

King – 20” x 36″

Would you prefer an adjustable pillow so you can take out the filling and make it exactly the way you want? Our Pure Performance Pillow is filled with natural latex LaNoodles but has a zipper so you can adjust the fill.

Proper Maintenance

This product is to be spot cleaned and air dried only. Never put this pillow in the dryer. DO NOT MACHINE WASH AND DRY.
Spot clean and air dry.

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Our organic mattresses & handcrafted bedding are made with love in the USA. Come visit our Virginia workshop.

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