Baa-Noodle Latex-Wool Customizable Pillow


Baa-Noodle Latex-Wool Customizable Pillow

Combining the very best of our most popular pillows, our Baa-Noodle is the perfect two-in-one pillow handcrafted with different materials to offer the sleeper dual-comfort. Supple, squishy, and flexible on one side filled with latex LaNoodles wrapped under organic cotton stretch knit. Smooth, soft and flat on the other side with tufted wool batting under silky organic cotton sateen.

Our Baa-Noodle Pillow

Sleepers who like wool for temperature regulation will enjoy the continued support and resilience the latex provides underneath the batting which helps prevent compression. Flipping the pillow will allow sleepers who enjoy the flexibility of latex to benefit from the soft layer of wool cushioning at the bottom which creates a pillow that’s light and fluffy. Customizing is easy with the side zipper to remove the LaNoodles to your preferred density. Our BaaNoodle is the perfect combination of resiliency, support and temperature regulation. The outside fabric is organic cotton matelasse knit on one side and organic cotton sateen on the other side.

Materials and Production of the Baa-Noodle Pillow

There are two ingredients in our Baa-Noodle Pillow, natural latex and organic cotton! On top of that, our blankets are handcrafted with LOVE in our Virginia workshop.


Direct from the Rubber Tree.
No Coils. No Foams. No Fillers.
Certified Organic or Natural.


Therapeutic, Temperature Regulating.
Calms the Heart for Deeper Sleep.
Naturally Flame Resistant.


No Synthetic Blends or Chemicals.
Breathable, Soft Fabrics and Batting.
Sustainable. Renewable. Organic.

Benefits of the Baa-Noodle Pillow

  • Pure wool & latex rubber noodles


  • Dual-comfort customization & zipper for fill adjustment


  • Sustainable and long lasting


  • Mold, mildew, and dust-mite resistant



  • Eco-friendly & chemical free

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Baa-Noodle Pillow Approximate Sizing

Standard – 20” W x 25″ L
Queen – 20” W x 30″ L
King – 20” W x 36″ L

One-Fill-Fits-All: Customizing is easy with the side zipper to remove the LaNoodles to your preferred density. The Baa-Noodle Pillow is filled with more latex than our regular filled LaNoodle pillows so sleepers who prefer a lighter fill, can simply remove some filling until it’s just perfect. Or if you want more noodles than what is provided, you can order them at a discounted price. (Extra LaNoodles must be purchased when you purchase pillow to receive discount.)

Proper Maintenance

This product is to be spot cleaned and air dried only. Never put this pillow in the dryer. DO NOT MACHINE WASH AND DRY.
Spot clean and air dry.

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Made In America

Our organic mattresses & handcrafted bedding are made with love in the USA. Come visit our Virginia workshop.

Eco Organic Comfort

For over 30 years we’ve been committed to using only the finest natural, sustainable materials.

Nature's Finest Ingredients

Sustainable. Natural. Renewable.
Organic Cotton. Pure Wool. Rubbermilk.